Insulation of the façade does not necessarily mean avoiding the air around the masonry, on the contrary, properly selected ventilation of your house will not only breathe better, but also prevent the penetration of mold into masonry, which can occur even inside the house in the room. Another advantage is the protection of the structure of your house and its reinforcement. When isolating the house, we will think with you and the right size of the parapets, and we will give you another lot of options, which you can also hide under the insulation. They are different guide rails for electricity, drawers, lights, switches and many other things that need to be planned in advance.
Substrate Preparation
Well prepare the foundation for the new coat of your house is the first step you need to do before the work begins. Our specialists will advise you on the preparation of the substrate, and if you do not dare yourself, then leave it to us, even we can do it professionally.