How to Choose a Post-Construction Cleaning Service

Post-construction clean-up is easy to leave in the hands of your own building crew or a generalist cleaning company, but a specialist can offer many significant advantages. After all, you’re probably too busy, and nothing will waste your time and money both like having to do a back job.

Here are tips to help you select a good post-construction cleaning company for your future projects:

Specialist Experience

Since your choice of a post-construction cleanup service will reflect on your own reputation as a builder, never settle for anything less than an established company with years of experience in the industry. Again, remember that you want a post-construction specialist, not a commercial cleaning generalist.

Building projects are hardly the same, such as in terms of flooring and appliance installation. Picture a condo development: If you were to hire a number of companies to do different jobs, that would be very costly.

It’s best to pick a construction cleaning company that is experienced in a broad range of specialized services, from carpet cleaning to hardwood polishing and more. Definitely, you should also ensure that the workers are certified to work with certain cleaning equipment, and are insured and bonded. The more services the company offers under one roof, the more money and time you’ll save from not having to hire more cleaners.

Customer Responsiveness

Post construction cleaning is typically done within 48 hours of completing a building project, but there are emergencies, such as vandalism, in which cleaners must be readily available. Select a service that can address these and other emergencies as promptly as possible.

General Accountability

Finally, before hiring a post-construction cleaner, consider three crucial accountability-related questions:

Are they known for reliability?

Find a construction cleaning service that is known for being on time, well-prepared and ready for the job at hand, and for completing the project on schedule and on budget.

Do they bother minor details?

You want a construction cleanup service that will be able to manage itself. Otherwise, it would be counterproductive to bring them in.

How accurate and fair are their quotations and billing?

Save yourself the trouble by using a cleaning company that actually spends time reviewing a cleaning project before giving you a quote, and honors that quote by not asking for more unexpected charges as the job rolls out. This is one of the best reasons to scan customer reviews online, where discuss the different services they’ve used.

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