The end of friendship is something that is not at all pleasant. But it will happen even after a few years, which one on the other must be relied upon. It'll come as something you just don't expect. It happens that someone stole your jersey from the Silvin and you can't believe it. For example, you sit with that man four years in the bench, and then the same man will be completely out of your way, betraying you. It's not fair, but what's fair in life? What is crystal clear? Apparently nothing. But, yes, something, yes, or I might not even live.
It was probably not the first time
For the first time on the bike and for the first time wearing a leotard, pants and a jacket from Silvini. Only those who do not gather money can have such happiness, only those who have an abundance. It might seem like a pretty good dream that you would probably want to experience each of us. Do not have to get up early every morning, fast children to kindergarten and school and rush to work, not exactly the perfect condition, after which we would desire. But it is clear that nothing can be done. What you do, you just got it.