That there is no apartment shop in your city? So it's a shame, because you have to drive into the city bigger. But there is one more option-to buy bed linens, curtains and curtains in the Internet shop.
From the comfort of your home, see dozens to hundreds of references to soft furnishings, and if you are familiar with the materials such as cotton, flannel, Damascus, crepe, satin, plush, microplush and microfiber, you can choose the bed linens boldly. If you like some curtain, tablecloth, curtains, put them in a virtual basket and you may get a discount.
Think about the right dimensions
Do not forget to order the correct dimensions of home textiles. For example, if you have elongated blankets and smaller anatomical pillows, the classic dimensions will not be the right nut. However, bed linens are in thousands of colours and patterns, so there's plenty to choose from.